Walk and Run Better, Without Injury!

Do you enjoy running, but always get injured? Does running feel too hard, and you become easily winded? Or are you a beginning runner and you’re not sure where to start? Then I invite you to learn ChiWalk-Run with me! This technique is a gentle but powerful approach that makes getting fit, safe, easy, and fun. It’s great for all levels of fitness and experience, and those who want to start a fitness program, lose weight, or come back from an injury stronger than ever. The creator, Danny Dreyer, has blended the movement principles from the ancient martial art, T’ai Chi, with the active sports of running and walking. This blend creates a more mindful, centered and balanced approach to fitness. A few of the many benefits of you can experience are:

  • Reduce impact, stay pain-free, and run with confidence. My ChiWalk-Run program is a great way to get started. By taking short ChiWalking breaks during your runs, you’ll easily increase your aerobic-cardio capacity.
  • Improve your posture, core strength, and work with gravity to make running easier. You don’t need killer calves to be a runner. ChiRunning teaches you how to use your large core muscles to move you forward instead of overworking your leg muscles; greatly reducing fatigue and risk of injury.
  • Make running a fulfilling practice. Learning ChiWalk-Run is an engaging process, so every run gives you the opportunity to discover something new.

As Certified ChiRunning Instructor and long time runner, I’m excited to teach you to walk and run with ease and enjoyment. Group classes will be starting in April, mornings and evenings, details to follow. For questions, email me at [email protected].