Learn to ChiRun - A $864 Value for Only $779

  • 1 - Two Hour Session - Foundations of ChiRunning, Run Video Analysis, Session Review Materials 
  • 4 - One Hour Follow-up ChiRunning Sessions
  • Eight Week Online Training Plan (via TrainingPeaks) with ChiRunning Form Focus Workouts, Runners Strength Workouts, and Yoga
  • Video Gait Analysis at the First and Final Sessions

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Package Includes: 

Two Hour Session Topics Covered:

      • ChiRunning Background
      • Alignment and Relaxation
      • Cooperating with Opposing Forces
      • Chi Running versus Power Running
      • Four Components: Posture, Arm Swing, Ankle Lift, Moving from your Dantien
      • ChiWalking, progressing to ChiRunning
      • Effortlessly Increase Your Stride Length with Pelvic Rotation
      • Finding Flow with Ideal Cadence
      • Personal Check-in Tricks and Tools
      • Pre-run Body Looseners, Post-run Stretches
      • Innovative technique drills
      • Breathing
      • Running Hills
      • Video Gait Analysis

The Four 1-Hour Sessions are intended to occur with 1-2 weeks in between. The sessions will take a deeper dive in to topics covered in the two hour session, and be tailored towards the goals and needs of the participant. A video analysis at the final session will highlight progress and areas of improvement. A sample could be:

Session 1 - Review Four Components of ChiRunning, Practice Drills, Guided Run
Session 2 - Review Stride Length/Pelvic Rotation, Practice Drills, Guided Run
Session 3 - Review Cadence & Breathing, Practice Drills, Guided Run
Session 4 - Review Effortlessly Increasing Speed, Practice Drills, Speed Workout


What is ChiRunning?

The two main themes underlying Chi Running are: energy efficiency and injury prevention. When you can run pain-free and with less effort, the joy of running naturally increases and it can grow into a lifelong practice.

ChiRunning is a technique developed by ultra-runner and Tai Chi expert Danny Dreyer in 1999. This technique combines the movement principles of Tai Chi with the sport of running, which shifts the workload from your legs to your core muscles. At the heart of the technique is running with a strong core and a relaxed body which reduces overuse and impact injuries.  The main principles of ChiRunning include: 

  • Alignment 
  • Relaxation 
  • Landing Midfoot
  • Controlled Forward Fall 
  • Engaging Core Strength 
  • Connecting the Mind and Body

Why is ChiRunning More Efficient and Less Injury Prone?

To achieve energy efficiency and injury prevention, ChiRunning co-operates with the two main forces acting upon the runner, the downward pull of gravity and the force of the oncoming road. The runner co-operates with gravity by having a whole body, controlled, forward fall from the ankles. In this position, your center of gravity helps propel you forward, so you're not spending as much effort fighting gravity by pushing off the ground. To co-operate with the force of the oncoming road the runner lands with a mid-foot strike slightly behind their centre of gravity. This allows the force of the oncoming road to swing the legs of the runner behind them. 

My Training in ChiRunning 

In my journey to becoming a Certified ChiRunning Instructor, I participated in two full day workshops with Master Instructor, Vince Vaccaro. Vince, was personally trained by Danny Dreyer, and has been teaching as a certified instructor since 2005. Following that, I did a 3-month home-study Course with video lessons, quizzes and practice teaching, followed by attendance at a 4-day In-person course, with Danny Dreyer. I continue to assist at workshops with Vince and Danny to keep my teaching skills fresh, and stay up to date on any evolutions in the ChiRunning instruction techniques.


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"In May 2019, I was sent to the Massachusetts Army National Guard Warrior FIT program where I met Jean. Jean was teaching ChiRunning, a technique that I had never heard of. I have always hated running and had never really done much distance running before. After being coached by Jean for 3 months, I have a new found love for running and even saw almost 5 minutes drop off my two mile run. Running has never felt so good or been so enjoyable for me. I look forward to continue using the ChiRunning technique as I continue toward my fitness goals. I cannot thank Jean enough for bringing this technique to the Warrior FIT program."


Army National Guardsman

ChiRunning vs conventional running Posture Forward Fall No Heel Striking Alignment