Strong Core, Balanced Body

Join me for a low-impact, core/balance class for all ages and fitness levels. The class will be held 6:30-7:30pm, April 24, May 1, 8,15, at YOUnity Yoga & Wellness in Milford. You can take one class, or the series of three for a discounted rate. Each class will consist of a dynamic warmup, core strength exercises, and a cool down of flexibility and balance exercises. This class focuses on the all important core muscles, critical for flexibility and balance. Relaxation breathing techniques will also be incorporated into the class.
Why do you care about having a strong core and balanced body? Think of your core as a muscular corset that stabilizes your entire body, helping to give you a center of gravity whether you’re at rest or moving your limbs. You draw upon your core strength whenever you walk, sit, exercise or perform pretty much any activity. Since many of your body’s movements originate from your core, improving its strength will enhance your posture, spinal alignment, stability and more. In addition to these benefits, a strong core can help reduce or eliminate back pain, elevate athletic performance, improve balance, and reduce the risk of injuries. Details and registration.