Make It Happen in 2016!

What do you want in 2016? Better health? A new career? Travel? A degree? A more loving relationship? Whatever it is you desire, you can achieve it! Sometimes we have a feeling that we’d like something, but we brush aside believing that it’s not really realistic. Why not? You have only one life to live, and you deserve the best of everything! It may take some time, it may require some planning or other investment, but you have the power to make it happen. Here are seven steps to get you on your way to achieving your dream:
  1. Imagine that you cannot fail, and that money is no object, now choose something you desire in your life. Dream big!
  2. Envision that you’ve already achieved your dream. How do you feel? How does this positively affect your life?
  3. Think of the beliefs that prevent you from going for this goal, it’s too hard, I don’t have time, it costs too much, it might not work. Now imagine that it is impossible for you to think those thoughts. How do you feel? How would you approach your goal differently?
  4. Take action steps to make your dream a reality. This could include registering for a class, reading books, listening to podcasts, talking to people who’ve done it, or asking for support.
  5. Pay attention to your thoughts. When negative, self-doubting thoughts pop up, replace them with positive affirmations that will bolster your confidence.
  6. Track your journey. Keep a journal that notes your original desire, your action steps, your accomplishments, feelings and progress. This will help keep you on the right path, and reflecting on your progress will boost confidence and motivation.
  7. Celebrate your progress! We rarely miss a chance to beat ourselves up for a misstep, but it’s not often enough that we acknowledge and appreciate our successes.